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Walk-in Applicants(Vehicle Maintenance Support Staff/CDO)

Triple D General Manpower Services

is in need of Vehicle Maintenance Support Staff


Experienced Automotive Mechanic NC2
High School Diploma or equivalent.
Addition education, certifications, or experience is generally preferred.
Proven ability to diagnose and repair vehicles and follow safety instructions and directions.
Proficiency with hand tools and other equipment.
Excellent active listening, problem solving, and communication skills.
Self-motivated, independent, and reliable with a strong work ethic.
Job Description:

Work with manager and other mechanics to diagnose and repair the mechanical and electrical components of vehicles.
Listening to clients to learn more about vehicle history, potential problems, and the services they would like to receive.
Performing test drivers, inspections, and other diagnostic tests on vehicles to identify where problems exists and determine which parts need to be repaired or replaced.
Completing preventative maintenance on vehicles, such as performing oil changes, flushing and replacing fluids, and replacing brakes.
Repairing damage to the body of the vehicle and washing and painting the vehicle’s exterior.
Generating timelines and estimates for repairs and discussing options with clients.
Inspecting internal systems and controls to ensure the vehicle is operating properly and in compliance with state regulations.
Maintaining accurate records relating to clients, their vehicles, parts, and service history.
Using shop equipment as instructed, performing regular maintenance and repairs as needed.
Engaging in learning opportunities to update job knowledge and technical skills

Applicant May apply at:

Triple D General Manpower Services

Suite 210, Paragon Bldg. Kauswagan Highway, Cagayan de Oro City

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